Team Building Programs

Team building means a lot of different things to different people. Some companies will tell you that team building can occur just by spending time together. Sure, through the shared experience your team will have more to build on. But what REALLY builds a team?

At Arizona White Knuckle Adventures, we know what builds a team. How about going through a program that not only provides that shared experience but requires actual team interaction? Now, add into the mix various obstacles that can only be overcome through efficient communication and teamwork. How about spicing the whole event with a little competition or possibly even a dose of controlled danger.

Once we’re done with your group, you will notice a special bond. But beyond that, you will notice an undercurrent of respect that was not there before. Your members will be able to draw on that experience and overcome any obstacle that the business environment can throw at them.

Single Day Format

All Necessary Equipment


Healthy Trail-side Lunch

This single day format is perfect for the group with limited time, but expecting dramatic results. It requires team members to learn a portion of a certain skill. Their team member will learn the complimentary portion of that same skill.

After they have mastered their part of the skill, they will teach their partner what they’ve learned. As a team, they will have command of that particular skill.

Then, with the instructors, they will apply those skills to overcome various obstacles. These skills could include mountain biking, rock climbing or map & compass navigation.

Two Day Format

All Necessary Equipment


Healthy Meals

This two day format was created for companies that wanted the best that money could by . . .or, more bang for their buck, however you look at it . This program will amaze you and your group. We guarantee that your group will emerge from this two day, overnight adventure with a renewed vigor and respect for their peers.

This adventure builds on the foundation of the one day format, but takes is further. Not only will they have to learn, and teach, a group of skills, and overcome obstacles, but they will have to conquer a mini eco-challenge.

The first day will be full of classes and fun. The team members will learn a basket of skills, then teach their partners. They will also get to practice their skills in a fun atmosphere. The second day can be called fun, but will mostly be referred to as “grueling”.

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