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Are guides necessary? Usually, no. Anyone can buy a guide book and be remotely familiar with the most popular areas. Every day, there are thousands of people who decide to explore an area without enlisting the help of a professional guide. So why would anyone hire us?

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Team ZumBala, at Moqui Stagecoach Station

That’s simple. Security, luxury, knowledge and education.

Team ZumBala, at Moqui Stagecoach Station.

Security because you’ll have a professional guide there at all times. They’ll be able to lead you into, and out of, the most remote areas legal in Arizona. They are trained in the emergency procedures required to overcome any obstacle.

Luxury, because you don’t have to search for water, we will; you won’t have to scour the land for firewood, we will; you won’t have to worry if the food will come together, or if the fire will be warm enough, we will. Our guides will ensure your only concern is what type of tree that is, or how far you can see from the top of that hill.

Knowledge, because our guides have collectively ridden and backpacked tens of thousands of miles, and our climbers have ascended thousands of feet. We’ve been there before.

The education comes from the experience of the guides. They enjoy doing what they do and sharing that with others. You will learn new techniques that will make you more proficient at your sport.

Horton Springs.

What if you’re only in town for a day or two? Our guide service is just the thing for you. Let our professional guides show you our favorite spots for adventure!! Whether you want a half day, or full day. beginner to advanced, it doesn’t matter. Our staff can create the perfect outing. Our extensive portfolio of permits allows us to take you to the perfect setting.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley.

I’ve got a group and we all want to do different things!! That’s no problem. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again! It’s just a matter of letting us know how many people want to do which activity. Our mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking adventures can easily be tailored to your group. Many times, we can even combine two adventures into the same day for maximum excitement.

Arizona White-Knuckle Adventures was created to serve the growing number of people seeking adventures that not only thrill but challenge as well. At first we came up with elaborate vacations, but found that the majority of our clients wanted something customized.

You dream it up and we’ll make it happen. Choose as many days and adventures as you’d like, then decide whether you want hotel/resort or camping accommodations. It’s that simple. Just contact us!

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